My Work

Laura Fatini

Playwright, Theatrical Teacher, Director

I don’t think I was born to set it right, as Hamlet was.
But I think that feeling “out of joint” helps me to have doubts.
And doubts are creative, free and communicative.

My work in theater, as a teacher, writer and director begins with this feeling, and from that it takes its different faces.

When I teach, I work with people who are bigger than themselves and want to learn how to express their inner feelings with bodies and soul. They don’t accept to be only one, and they need to be more, to be good and evil, old and young, man and woman, to deeply be themselves.

When I write, I create a new little world through which I try to understand the bigger one. Little stories lived by little characters worried by the Big World. I express my doubts in my plays, to show maybe a different way of seeing the Truth. Or Truths.

When I direct I try to add silence to actors’ voices, and pauses to their movements to express thoughts and ideas and make them well shaped, not flat and easy to accept.

My work is my way to live this time that is out of joint.

About Laura

Laura Fatini lives and works in Tuscany.

She graduated in political philosophy at the University of Perugia. Her thesis was on Camus’s political theatre.

At 17 she became the assistant of Carlo Pasquini, who is a director for the Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte of Montepulciano.

She has been attending theatrical classes and workshops since then: among others a dramaturgy workshop led by Ugo Chiti, dance classes led by Grazia Galante and Giorgio Rossi, a directing workshop led by Beppe de Tomasi, a lighting engineering workshop led by Salvatore Mancinelli.

At the same time, she worked with journalists Angela Levi Bianchini and Guido Ceronetti. For the latter she illustrated the book Ti saluto, mio secolo crudele (Einaudi, 2011)

In 2010 and 2012 Laura Fatini led two self-storytelling workshops for migrant women as part of the European project Migrant Women. The two workshops resulted in a play titled Io non sono di qui (literally I’m not from here) which went on stage in Sarteano, Rome and Florence. They also led to a performance called Violenta Violante played in Sarteano’s theatre.